Board of Directors




President     Patricia Jamison

Vice President   Elizabeth Hammond

Treasurer   Barbara Sharkey

Secretary   Loralyn Anderson-Petrie


Board Members

        Mary Campbell        Gina Crook

               Jinny Guy                 Courtney Leigh

                    Carolyn Moorshead      Theresa Morgan          

                           Pat Sommers           Joyce Woodford            





2019-20 Board Members

2019-20 Board


Board meetings are usually held the second Monday of each month at the Queen Anne's County Library in Centreville. Board meetings are open to all interested LWV members and begin at 6:30 pm. 





President     Patricia Jamison

Vice President   Marion Grier

Treasurer   Carolyn Moorshead

Secretary   Elizabeth Hammond


Board Members

  Loralyn Anderson-Petrie             Courtney Leigh

    Mary Campbell                          Theresa Morgan

     Kay Dermody                            Barbara Sharkey

     Jinny Guy                                 Joyce Woodford