Just some activities our Board and Members have been involved in:


September 2021

Voter Registration committee working on setting up supplies for the 3 voter registration tables that will be used on Voter Registration Day, September 28 at both Queen Anne County High Schools and Chesapeake College.  





                          Voter Registration Day at Chesapeake College

                                       September 28, 2021


July 13, 2021

Spending some time organizing our Queen Anne's County League records back to our beginning in 2003!  Lucky we have had some very organized leaders but now we need to purge duplicates, consolidate, and store for our history!

Record archiving

Barbara Sharkey, Jinny Guy, Liz Hammond, and Mary Campbell. 

Pat Jamison, chair of this committee, is taking the picture.  Location is Pat Jamison's home.



Board Retreat June 14, 2021

Happy to be able to meet together again, all fully Covid19 vaccinated, the newly elected LWVQAC Board of Directors met on a beautiful morning to set the agenda for the coming year, enjoy each others company, and have a delicious lunch prepared by all.  All but 3 of the 12 newly elected Directors were able to attend and through the leadership of President Dr. Patricia Jamison, with Pat Sommers assisting at the chartboard, a full year of activities was agreed upon.  Standing committees were filled, timelines were established, and duties assigned.  A copy of the full minutes will be posted as soon as they are available.  Minutes from the Board Retreat June 14, 2021.

Retreat 2021

Missing from the picture are Patricia Jamison (photographer) and Pat Sommers (partial view) and Julie Ranelli.  Not able to attend were Board Members Loralyn Andersen-Petrie, Courtney Leigh, and Liz Hammond.


Board Retreat June 23, 2020

The LWVQAC newly elected Board of Directors spent a productive morning on Tuesday, June 23, holding a retreat to discuss goals and events for the coming year. Out in the open, socially distanced and wearing masks when needed, 8 of our Board members set up committees, discussed how to proceed amid the Coronavirus safety restrictions, and enjoyed the ability to discuss current issues openly and in person.

The Minutes of the meeting will be posted as soon as they are available.


Liz Hammond (Vice President), Pat Jamison (President), Barbara Sharkey (Treasurer), Carolyn Moorshead, Loralynn Andersen-Petrie (Secretary), Jinny Guy, Pat Sommers, Mary Campbell

Missing:  Joyce Woodford, Courtney Leigh, Theresa Morgan, Gina Crook



June 10. 2020

Farewell Lunch for Kay Dermody, Founding Member of LWVQAC

Crab Deck, Kent Island


Dermody Lucnh

Dermody Lunch



Carolyn, Barbara, Liz, Joyce, Kay, Pat said a sad farewell to Kay Dermody, a LWVQAC Founding Member at a lunch at the Crab Deck, Kent Island on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Appropriately masked and safely served by the Crab Deck staff, we bid farewell to Kay as she moves to Massachusetts to be near her family.






May 20, 2020

  Planning our Board's annual retreat for June, 2020. 

Socially distanced, properly masked.


               Barbara, Lorie, Pat                                       

Retreat Planning for June 2020

                                                              Barbara, Lorie, Liz  

Retreat Planning





 March 3, 2020


Meeting with Chesapeake College contacts to plan Birthday Celebration for 19th Amendment.  Barbara Sharkey (LWVQAC), Corinna Crenshaw (President, Voters Objectively Trying to Educate and Register Students - VOTERS), Mark Berry (Director of Student Engagement and Development Chesapeake College), Pat Jamison (President LWVQAC).  Missing (taking the picture!) is Loralyn Anderson-Petrie (LWVQAC Board).